Joy to the World by Plum Village

Joy to the World by Plum Village Monks & Nuns

Joy to the world,
Our one true home,
The earth, the sky, the sea.
We are one family;
Let’s join our hands in harmony,
And heal our world with love. (x3)

Joy to the earth,
The winds, and rains,
Let’s sing with all their songs.
When we learn to look deeply,
We know how to live peacefully.
Compassion fills our hearts. (x3)

No more let grief
And sorrow grow,
Release them to the Earth!
Let’s water seeds of happiness,
Let’s live each day in mindfulness,
And share the joy with all. (x3)

Joy to the world,
With truth and grace,
There’s harmony in the home.
The miracle of mindfulness,
Reveals our innate kindness,
And joy will fill the world. (x3)

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